Meet Me In St. Louis (F.A. Sterling, Andrew "Kerry" Mills, 1904)

Mariechen Sass Weinend Im Garten (Joseph Christian Freiherr von Zedlitz, 1832; Joseph Raffin, arr. )

Lillie Marlene (Norbert Schultze, Hans Leip, 1938; Edi Hoffman, arr.)

Mack, the Knife (Bertold Brecht, Kurt Weill, 1928)

Sabinchen War Ein Frauenzimmer (Bänkellied, Leipzig, 1849; Joseph Raffin, arr.)

Wilhelm Tell Overture, Finale (Gioacchino Rossini, 1928; Melvin Wright, arr.) (instrumental) played by Gary Craig on his 31-note Axel Stüber Organ

Te Deum, Prelude (M.A. Charpentier) (instrumental) played by Florian Tilgner on his 52-tone Bell-Concert-Organ, which he designed, engineered and built himself, playing his own arrangement & orchestration. A limited number of his CDs are for sale in Germany by personal request.

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